Our accessories

Everything that makes your holiday even more comfortable

Expand your possibilities with the optional accessories that we currently offer. If you want to travel not only on four wheels but also on two, you can rent a bicycle rack. With the bus tent you increase your “living space”.

The camping furniture ensures that you can relax easily in front of the camper. You can expect fair prices for our accessories offers. The price structure is simple and straight forward: you pay a single fee per rental period for each requested accessory.

Front tent

Our inflatable front tent “GT Home Van” can be set up and dismantled within minutes. With the electric pump, this is possible in a single inflation process. The interior of the self-supporting tent measures 360 x 267 cm and offers a lot of comfort – thanks to the special design, the GT Home Van has no slants or sloping corners. It is made of high quality material, offers high breathability and is extremely small and lightweight when packed.

There are two ways to dock the tent to the vehicle: either on the side – front passenger door and sliding door can be opened from the tent interior without restrictions – or at the rear of the vehicle, so you can open the tailgate inside the tent.


(Prices in Euro)
  one-time per rental period
front tent 80,00

Bike rack

If you rent a bike carrier in addition to the camper, you are always mobile – on two or four wheels. In places where you cannot bring the camper – like in the mountains or in the forest – you can use your bicycle.

Up to three bikes can be mounted on our bike carrier at the rear of the vehicle. The carrier is mounted on the trailer hitch. it is easy to fold down by using a foot pedal, allowing easy access to the tailgate and boot.


(Prices in Euro)
  one-time per rental
bike rack 30,00

Neu eingetroffen
Weinsberg CaraHome 600 DKG

Weinsberg CaraHome 600 DKG

Lots of space thanks to the alcove.

  • five sleeping spaces
  • six seats
  • kitchen
  • bath
  • Bunk bed in the rear
VANTourer 600 D

VANTourer 600 D
with rising roof

Our compact hotel on four wheels.

  • four sleeping spaces
  • four seats
  • kitchen
  • variobath
  • a double bed
VW T6.1 with rising roof

VW T6.1 California
with rising roof

Our cult camping van includes up to four sleeping spaces.

  • four sleeping spaces
  • five seats
  • rear kitchen
Caravan Knaus Sport 500 KD

Knaus Sport 500 KD

Our functional caravan with a “children’s corner” in the rear

  • four to five sleeping spaces
  • air conditioning
Zubehör: Vorzelt, Fahrradträger oder Campingmöbel


Awning, bicycle rack or camping furniture are available depending on your individual needs.