General rental conditions

1. Services

The range of the contractual service results exclusively from the description as well as from the details of the rental contract of which these rental conditions are part. Minor deviations in performance that do not significantly affect the usage do not allow the renter to make claims. We reserve the right to make technical changes, the camping vehicle is the property of the lessor.

2. Conclusion of the lease

The lease becomes binding upon receipt of the payment or deposit and the contract signed by the renter.

3. Authorized driver / vehicle use

The renter must have completed the 21st year of age at the beginning of the rental period and hold a driver’s license of class B. An additional driver may be added to the rental agreement (point 3 and 4 apply as well).

The renter agrees to handle and use the vehicle with care, drive in a considerate way and not purposely violate traffic laws. The camper must be properly parked and locked during every break. The camper may not be overloaded. Oil, water level and tire pressure should be checked regularly during the rental period. The renter must observe the prescribed maximum clearance heights and widths. If the renter violates these obligations, he is liable for the resulting damages.

4. Unauthorized use

The renter is prohibited from using the camper as follows:

  • To participate in motorsports events and vehicle tests.
  • To commit crimes, even if these are only provable under the law of the state where it was committed.
  • For leasing, transfer to third parties or for immoral purposes.
  • For paid passenger transport, for transporting goods or more than the permissible number of passengers.
  • To carry animals of all kinds (except by prior arrangement with the lessor).
  • For the transport of goods of any kind that differ from the expected use in a motorhome.
  • For the transport of explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive or other dangerous materials.
  • For use beyond the maximum vehicle weight.

5. Passport, visa, customs, health and traffic regulations

The renter is responsible for the compliance with the regulations necessary for the journey. Any disadvantages arising from failure to comply with these regulations are within the renter’s responsibility.

6. Payment

With the conclusion of the contract, an advance payment of 40% or at least € 50 of the rental sum is to be paid. The remaining amount is due no later than 4 weeks before arrival. If the amount has not been received by then, it will be considered a withdrawal and the renter will be charged with the cancellation costs agreed in point 7. If the conclusion of the contract happens less than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, the rental fee is due immediately without an advance payment.

7. Withdrawal or no-show

If the renter withdraws from the rental agreement before the agreed start of the rental period, the following percentages of the rental sum are payable according to the contract:

  • cancellation up to 45 days before rental start – 25% of rental fee
  • between 44 to 22 days before rental start – 50% of rental fee
  • between 21 to 7 days before rental start – 80% of rental fee
  • between 6 days until departure or in case of no-show – 95% of rental fee

If the camper is picked up only after the agreed time or not at all, the camper remains reserved until the end of the rental period, any claims relating to rent reduction remain excluded. In case of cancellation, rebooking or acceptance of a replacement at the discretion of the lessor, a processing fee of € 50 will be charged.

8. Withdrawal by the lessor

The lessor can withdraw from the lease without notice in case of justified suspicion of a breach of contract by the renter. In case of withdrawal by the lessor, the rental price for unused rental days will be fully refunded.

9. Handover and deposit

The campers are handed over in flawless technical condition, clean and provided with a filled fuel tank. Any deficiencies will be recorded in a report sheet. Upon delivery a deposit of at least

  • 250 Euro: VW-Camper
  • 1000 Euro: Knaus-Camper

is to be deposited in cash.

If for any reason the requested camper is not available, the lessor is entitled to provide a replacement vehicle of the same or higher price group or to withdraw from the contract. Received payments will be refunded, no claims for damages of the renter against the lessor arise from this.

10. Return and deposit refund

The camper is to be returned by prior agreement to the lessor on the last rental day in accordance with the contract, fully fueled and in a damage-free condition, as well as cleaned.

The deposit will be refunded immediately to the renter if the vehicle was returned on time and according to contract, the renter is liable until the car has been checked by the staff. The refund of the deposit does not relieve the renter from liability for hidden defects or defects that are not immediately identifiable upon return of the vehicle, e.g. missing items, damages, outstanding rental claims or claims for damages due to improper use. If the renter fails to meet the contractual return obligations if only partially, the costs will be charged to restore the contractual condition. If the vehicle has not been cleaned on return, a final cleaning fee of € 150 will be charged. If the toilet or waste water tank has not been emptied, there will be a fee of € 250. In case of early return of the vehicle, the rental price remains unaffected, in the case of late return an hourly lump sum of € 20 will be charged. After three hours twice the rental price per day of delay will be charged, the renter shall bear the claims for damages of any immediate subsequent renter.

11. Renter's Liability

The renter is liable for any accidental damage to the camper caused by him up to the amount of the excess agreed in point 15. He is fully liable for damages caused by

  • intent and gross negligence,
  • improper operation and damage caused by wind,
  • improper handling of the camper,
  • disregard of maximum clearance heights and widths,
  • drug- or alcohol-related driving disability,
  • late return of vehicle,
  • violation of the terms of the rental contract.

Furthermore, the renter is fully liable if he fails to stop after an accident (hit-and-run) or if the damage is attributable to the fact that an unauthorized person used the camper. The renter bears the responsibility for damages in and on the camper, as long as the lessor was not provided with a complete replacement by a third party.

In the event of discrepancies about the amount of damage, the lessor may commission an expert at the expense of the renter. In any case, the renter bears the burden of proof that a damage incurred during the rental period was not caused by him or his fellow passengers.

12. Liability of the lessor

The lessor is liable for the agreed assignment of the camper and makes every effort to avoid errors or disturbances, but assumes no liability for such and any that might result in loss or damages for the renter or third parties. The renter releases the lessor from liability for damage or loss of items that are transported or left behind with the camper. Furthermore, the liability of the lessor for unjustifiable vehicle failure or arranged driving ban (smog, ozone, disasters, etc.) is excluded, the total liability of the lessor is acc. § 651 BGB limited to the rental price.

13. Repairs

Repairs, which become necessary to ensure operational and traffic safety of the camper, may be requested by the renter up to € 50 without agreement, major repairs only with the expressed consent of the lessor. The costs of repair are paid by the lessor upon presentation of appropriate evidence, as far as the renter is not liable for the damage. Repairs may only be carried out in authorized workshops, manufacturer's warranties and conditions must be observed. If a workshop is not available, the lessor is to be informed immediately. Other damages or incidents in connection with the camper are to be communicated to the lessor directly to ensure that a replacement can be provided in time.

14. Accidents and other damages

In case of an accident, theft, fire, burglary, roadkill and other damages, the renter must notify the responsible police and the lessor, have a police accident report prepared and determine the data of participants and witnesses. The renter agrees to immediately prepare a detailed written accident report with a sketch. The accident report must contain the names and addresses of the participants and any witnesses, as well as the license plates of the vehicles involved. Opposing claims may not be recognised. The renter is liable for any return transport, salvage, scrapping and customs clearance of the vehicle (vehicle Euro protection letter, see point 15).

15. Motor vehicle insurance

The renter is covered by a commercial motor vehicle liability insurance against personal injury, damage to property and pecuniary loss of at least the amount required by law in the vehicle's country of registration. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive vehicle insurance (deductible € 1000 per claim). Objects in or on the camper (luggage) are not covered. We recommend you to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

16. Data protection

Personal data is stored in compliance with data protection regulations. However, we reserve the right to pass on this data to authorized third parties, in particular in the case of a breach of the contract, laws for bills and cheques, customs, foreign exchange or traffic regulations as well as in the case of judicial recovery of outstanding claims.

17. Nullity, side agreements, written form

The nullity of one or more of the provisions of this contract shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Verbal collateral agreements do not exist. Changes to this contract must be made in written form. The written form cannot be waived by oral agreement. Verbal agreements, trips to non-European countries and trips to Turkey require the written confirmation of the lessor. This applies in particular when driving through crisis regions.

18. Place of Jurisdiction

District Court Memmingen

19. Confirmation

By signing the contract, the renter confirms the acceptance of the general terms and conditions.